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An overview of mountain.WOCUR'

This section is intended to provide an overview of mountain.WOCUR, including its objectives and structure. It also provides background on the European Union funded FP7 project mountain.TRIP, of which mountain.WOCUR is a result.

For information on how to read, navigate and contribute to mountain.WOCUR, please consult the Help section.


mountain.WOCUR is a wiki hosted within the mountain.TRIP project website. As a wiki, anyone can view the hosted content, and any user can register and contribute articles or edit existing articles in order to make improvements. This is intended to create an online, dynamic and collaborative space where users can exchange information on best practices for communicating research results to practitioners. Mountain.WOCUR contains Guidelines, Examples, Lessons learned and Background Knowledge about targeted communication. It addresses scientists and experts working in projects on sustainable European mountain development.

Objectives and Target Group

The objective of mountain.WOCUR is to enhance knowledge amongst scientists on the effective communication of research results to practitioners by providing an online, collaborative knowledge management system that can be nurtured, expanded and enhanced into the future. As it offers help for communicating research results to targeted groups of practitioners, it is not meant to be a guideline for communication to the general public. Additionally, it focuses as much as possible on the specificities of communicating research on sustainable mountain development in Europe. Specifically, mountain.WOCUR is targeted towards people working in research projects on sustainable European mountain development such as scientists, experts designing research projects, project managers, project leaders, scientific collaborators, research institutions, research funding agencies as well as communication professionals, such as the communication officer of a research project.


mountain.WOCUR is a result of Work Pacakge 6 of the European Union funded FP7 project mountainTRIP. The goal of mountain.TRIP is to provide stakeholders, end-users and practitioners with readily accessible and understandable forms of research-based information relevant to sustainable development in mountain regions. mountain.TRIP starts where other EU projects have finished, translating research findings into useful information and developing relationships between users and researchers.

mountain.WOCUR has been produced as a demonstrative example of a tool that facilitates the dissemination of research knowledge. The fact that mountain.WOCUR is a wiki, which fosters a community of interested and knowledgeable users to share and collaborate on guidelines, background knowledge, lessons learned and examples, meshes with the goal of mountain.TRIP that the community created by the project will continue long after the project itself has finished.

Within the mountain.TRIP project, mountain.WOCUR was designed and implemented by Ecologic Institute. The initial content of mountain.WOCUR articles has been provided by all mountain.TRIP partners. The mountain.TRIP consortium consists of the following organizations and institutes:

mountain.TRIP is supported by the European Union under the Seventh Framework Programme.

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